Bundle bookings allow you to select a multiple number of class dates and purchase them at a discount.

Many Obby teachers run regular group classes weekly, sometimes even twice or three times weekly! Bundle bookings give you the opportunity to continue your learning for longer and attend the dates that work best for you!

You'll see Bundles as booking options on classes that offer this, similar to below:

Selecting a bundle will take you through the process of booking, but instead of selecting just 1 date, you can select more, and receive a discount per class. Here is an example of the booking process:

Unsure of your availability? No problem! You can also just select the first date you'd like to attend, and select your additional dates after you've completed your purchase.

Once you've paid, you'll receive an email confirmation of the dates you've selected so far, and a link to your Bookings page where you can select your additional dates by clicking "BOOK NOW" under the "BUNDLES" section.

You'll see all of the dates you've selected so far listed in your "Upcoming classes", with the option to reschedule any of the dates up to 7 days before the class.

You're Bundle will be valid to redeem against regular group classes (not Flexitime) until the date of expiry - so make sure to select all your dates sooner rather than later! N.B. You can select dates taking place in the future, after expiry.

Please note, once the first date you've selected is in the past, your Bundle will no longer be refundable, and you must select all of your dates before the date of expiry.

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