We have been working with our very best teachers to build Learning Kits that reflect all of our top classes and workshops - meaning you can learn anywhere, anytime.

What are Learning Kits?

Learning Kits are are put together and delivered to you by our talented teachers. Each kit comes with everything you need to learn something new. With materials, tools and additional learning content, like written or video learning guides, all included in the price. Easily delivered to you at home!

How does it work?

Have a browse through our curated collection of Learning Kits > Here.

To purchase a kit, click "BUY NOW" and go through the steps at checkout. Make sure you've given any information required by the supplier (e.g. what ring size you are), and that you provide your correct delivery address for the kit before moving forward to the payment details page.

Once purchased, you'll be taken to the Virtual Classroom. This page includes links to your Kit's learning materials (this could be a digital written guide or video tutorial) and more information provided by your supplier. A link to the classroom is also sent in your purchase confirmation.

Depending on the kit delivery time, you'll receive it in the post a few days later and you'll be ready to go!

How do Live Online classes fit in?

Learning Kits perfectly compliment our collection of Live Online classes and workshops. You may find that some kits are also available as a Live Online + Kit class too - giving you the option to learn with a teacher in real time. Simply choose to purchase a Learning Kit on it's own or book the Live Online + Kit class.

Learn however you want, whenever you want - it's up to you!

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