*Edited 14th June 2021*

Following Boris Johnson's announcement on the 22nd February 2021, we have outlined what the Government's four-step strategy means for classes bookable via the Obby marketplace and booking software.

No earlier than 8th March*

Classes may need to be cancelled unless your teacher falls under one of the exemptions, and students will be sent an email with links to either reschedule or refund their booking.

No earlier than 12th April*

Classes will continue to run as planned. Bookings for more than 1 person must be with other members of your household or support bubble. Social distancing measures will be in place during the class and face coverings are mandatory for all in attendance.

No earlier than 17th May*

Classes will continue to run as planned. No group larger than 6 (from separate households) can attend as part of one booking. Social distancing measures will be in place during the class and face coverings are mandatory for all in attendance.

No earlier than 5th July, most likely 19th July*

Classes will continue to run as planned. All restrictions and social distancing measures are lifted.

*There are a number of exceptions for each date relating to classes for children, registered/formal education & training and other circumstances. You can read more about this here.

Please note, these dates are dependant on the Government guidance to lift restrictions at each stage only if the strict conditions are met.

Will the maximum number of participants per class be capped at 6 from the 17th May, or only open for private household bookings from the 12th April?

No, as our Teachers are organising the class as part of their business, they are able to host more than 6 people (or the size of a household) in any one class as long as they comply with social distancing measures and the NHS Test and Trace System (information which we already receive from you upon booking). That said, our Teachers like to keep classes small for better learning, so it's unlikely classes will be much larger than 6!

[source; gov.uk]

What safety measures are Teachers taking?

To ensure the safety of our Teachers and Students we have outlined a number of measures that we and HM's Government require all Obby Teachers to implement for In-person classes until further notice**.

Every Teacher who has declared they are COVID-19 Secure is given a tag and a badge on each class they declare this, so you know which classes, and which teachers, have implemented the measures for working safely during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Look out for the following on each class In-person class page:

COVID-19 Secure Declaration

Each Teacher is asked to declare that, as a representative of their School running classes via the Obby bookings software and platform, they have read, understood and accepted responsibility to implement our COVID-19 Secure measures.

Each Teacher accepts that Obby has the right to immediately remove their class, profile and refund any affected customers if evidence is provided showing that they are not following any of the COVID-19 Secure measures.

COVID-19 Secure Measures

Teachers will;

  • For the purposes of NHS Test & Trace, they will display an official NHS QR code poster so that customers and visitors can optionally ‘check in’ (in addition to contact details already obtained by Obby).

  • They understand that they must keep a record of all staff working on their premises and shift times on a given day and their contact details.

  • Complete a risk assessment of their business and premises using guidance from the Government body HSE > Here. They understand that legally this risk assessment must show on their company website.

  • Use their judgement to define a maximum number of participants per class at their premises (including the teacher(s)) in order to comply with one-metre-plus social distancing measures.

  • Ensure the use of face coverings for all students, teachers and staff whilst inside their premises.

  • Provide hand sanitiser and/or handwashing facilities as students enter their premises to reduce the risk of transmission.

  • Provide clear guidance on social distancing and hygiene to students on arrival, for example, signage and visual aids.

  • Suspend or reduce teacher guidance that cannot be undertaken without contravening social distancing guidelines. This may include re-thinking how assistance is provided to students.

  • Conduct frequent cleaning of work areas and equipment between uses, using their usual cleaning products.
    a) Set clear use and cleaning guidance for toilets to ensure they are kept clean and social distancing is achieved as much as possible.
    b) Provide more waste facilities and more frequent rubbish collection.

  • Put in place collection points for student pieces, rather than passing pieces hand-to-hand.

How do I provide evidence that a Teacher is not following these measures?

If you attend an In-person class on or between the 8th March 2021 and 18th July 2021** that you booked via the Obby platform (or Obby integration), that you do not believe meets these guidelines, we ask that you take the following steps:

  1. Take pictures during the class showing inadequate implementation of these measures.

  2. Send these pictures via email (click the button below) to Obby and provide a detailed explanation of how the class was conducted.

  3. Include your full name, the class you booked, and date you attended in your email.

Report inadequate implementation of COVID-19 Secure measures

Be mindful, and follow best practices

Just as we ask Teachers to follow these measures, we ask all students to be mindful of government advice in regards to social distancing and keeping safe during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Most importantly, enjoy your class!

Please note that any guidance we provide, relating to COVID-19 or other regulations, is general advice based on our interpretation of the regulations and official guidance. However, we cannot provide legal advice - teachers seeking legal advice should consult their own lawyers to obtain advice specific to their particular circumstances.

**this date is dependant on the Government guidance to lift social distancing measures by the 19th July 2021, and only if the strict conditions are met.

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