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How does Obligo’s deposit-free service work?
How does Obligo’s deposit-free service work?
Written by Alexandrea
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As an amenity to you, your property partnered with Obligo to let qualified new renters skip paying a cash security deposit at move-in. Current renters can also live deposit-free by choosing to apply their existing security deposit to rent. Obligo charges a fee for our service (a small percentage of your rental’s security requirement), and you keep your cash to invest, save, travel, or spend!

To live deposit-free, simply provide a payment method through the Obligo platform. If there are damages or missed rent at the end of the lease, your property manager will be authorized to charge this payment method - up to the stated amount of security requirement - and you will be billed by Obligo.

Obligo is not an insurance product. You’re still accountable for any charges, but Obligo does offer the ability to repay charges in interest-free installments. Like a traditional deposit, you also maintain the right to dispute charges directly with your property manager.

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