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How does Obligo’s service fee work?
How does Obligo’s service fee work?
Written by Alexandrea
Updated over a week ago

Obligo charges a fee for the use of our deposit-free service (which allows you to keep your security deposit cash or apply your existing deposit to rent). Because this fee covers the use of our deposit-free qualification and platform, it’s nonrefundable. (Learn more about why living deposit-free is financially smart for renters here.)

The service fee is priced as a percentage of your rental’s security requirement and is typically paid upfront for the initial term of your lease (up to 12 months). If you renew your lease, you will be charged a monthly service fee for any additional months on your lease. The service fee does not cover any charges your property manager may determine at the end of your lease (e.g. for damages or missed rent).

Questions? Contact our team at If you’re currently an Obligo renter, you can also login and chat live with a support agent!

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