A CSV of customer email addresses and basic store activity information can be downloaded from the customer list view

The export contains the following fields:

  • Email

  • Newsletter Sign Up

  • Account Creation Date

  • Number of Orders

  • Total Purchases Value (GBP)

This can be used to import into CRM tools for marketing. You cannot market to customers who have not selected to sign up to your newsletter. Please refer to the site's Privacy Policy for full details of the privacy commitments you have made to your customers.

You should consider where you are storing this data, delete any locally stored copies and ensure that you comply with all privacy regulations.

Access to download customer data is limited to admins who have the "Access GDPR related features" privilege.

Custom export for shared realms.

If your store shares login credentials with another store, you will only have access to the customers who have accepted the terms and conditions for your store.

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