Anything can be tagged in Ochre with one click on its Ochre page. However if you want to add multiple releases, formats etc to a tag in one go, it is possible to export the IDs, grab them in one go and add to a tag for faster population of tags.

Step 1.

Navigate to the Format listing page. From this page click "Export as CSV"

This will download full list of formats and their IDs of products as well as their statuses on your store.

Step 2.

You then need to filter out the IDs you don't want, leaving Product Format Ids or Product Ids to populate the tag you want to create. NB: the product ID (rather than format) will appear for each format, so if you are adding products to the tag, you may need to remove duplicates.

Step 3.

Go to the Tags page and create a new tag and name it.

Step 4.

Click more and select "Add Item (from ID)" from the option.

Step 5.

Make sure you select the type of IDs you are adding eg "Product" or "Product Format" and then drop the IDs in there.

Hit "Add to Tag" and the Tag will be populated.

Next Steps

This Tag can now be used to filter reports, populate modules on a page or be viewed in on the front of your store by clicking "View On Site".

You can re-arrange the tagged items by dragging and dropping when viewing the tag in Ochre.

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