Digital products can be created via upload from scratch, added manually to an existing product or delivered via FTP and ingested via DDEX.

DDEX Delivery

If delivering by DDEX, request an FTP account and we can accept deliveries from most distributors. Products that are delivered in this way will be ready to activate as soon as they are ingested as the necessary metadata is read and applied by the FTP.

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Creating digital products via upload

A digital product can be created by uploading digital assets to an existing product (that does not already have digital assets) or uploading one or more tracks from the Products Page > More > Create Release From Upload on the Products Listing Page


You can then enter all basic product information and select your tracks to upload.


Audio files must be uploaded at 16-bit WAV files in order to be transcoded into FLAC and MP3 formats.

Initial track titles will be taken from the file names uploaded. These can then be edited and the tracks dragged and dropped to re-order.

After every edit of the product meta data that is written to the ID3 tags on downloads you will be prompted to re-transcode the files that are stored on the server.

Adding Digital to an Existing Release

If you are adding digital formats to a physical product, or a product with no formats at all, go to Actions > Add Digital Formats. This will give you the option to upload 16-bit WAVs.

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