You can choose whether to allow visitors to listen to full audio previews or restricted-length versions. If you have selected to restrict the length of Preview Playback you can choose the ‘Start Time’ and ‘Playable Time’ of the preview in milliseconds.

For example if you wanted the first minute of the song to be previewable the ‘Start Time’ would be 0ms and the Playable Time 60000ms.

Checking the ‘Allow Playback Outside Initial Playable Time’ box allows visitors to the site to listen to samples of the track of the same length as ‘Playable Time’ but in any part of the track.

Checking the ‘Allow Playback in Full’ box means that customers to listen to the full track as a preview.


Note that preview limitations are designed to restrict playback from the site, and do not offer security if someone wanted to bypass these restrictions and download the preview file itself.

Even when a preview is limited to just 60 seconds, the full file is served to the listeners browser. If a user wanted to gain access to the whole file they could theoretically do so.

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