From the site settings you can control a number of things on your store.

  • General settings

  • Logos and design

  • Mailing lists

  • Tracking and analytics

General settings

Site name

This will appear on the store title used on the web browser, as well as on the header if you haven't added a store logo.

Enable search

Enabling search will display a search box at the top of the store pages. It can be used to search product title, tracks and artists.

Enable vouchers

Enabling vouchers will mean that customers can input voucher codes at checkout. The codes will need to be set up with us in advance.

Show newsletter sign-up checkbox on user registration

This is useful if not directly integrating mailing lists services to your store

Set invite-only access

Invite-only access will mean that any visitors to the store pages will need to input a password to gain access. You can add new users from the Customers section on the sidebar. They will be sent an email to create a password and log in.

Set footer links

  • Main website

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Mixcloud

  • Pinterest

  • SoundCloud

  • Twitter

  • Tumblr

  • YouTube

Preview playback

Choose whether track previews play in full or are limited to a specific amount of time.

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