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Product XML Feeds

Creating a product XML feed for integration into product feeds

Written by Dan Minchom
Updated over a week ago

Any Tag of Products or Product Formats can be used to create an XML feed of product data.

On a tag page in the Ochre Admin click More and select Enable XML export.

This will create an XML version of the product data and add a link to this on the Tag Page.

This is not formatted for direct integration into a specific service, but can be used in conjunction with tool like Channable to generate product feeds for Google Facebook, etc.

Product XML files are limited to 1,000 items at this point. To do more than 1,000 items multiple feed tags would need to be created.

These feeds are publicly accessible, so this data can been seen by anyone with access to the relevant URL.

Noted issues with product feeds

Ensure that you enter the feed url with .xml at the end for other systems to read this correctly.

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