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Add ActiveCampaign Mailing List

To set up the ActiveCampaign integration, you will need your API URL and Key.

These can be found on ActiveCampaign Settings > Developer.

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How to find your ActiveCampaign list ID

To add an ActiveCampaign mailing list you will need the list ID.

To find this, go to the lists page on ActiveCampaign 

Click on the list to show the settings pop-up.

The list ID will be shown in the URL displayed on the pop-up .../app/contacts?limit=100&listid=XXXX... 

Activating your new mailing list

Once you have created the mailing list, you will need to add the Ochre list webhook to ActiveCampaign. This needs to be added to ActiveCampaign to allow full sync. of mailing list subscribers.

The webhook is shown in a box on the mailing list tile. It can be copied from here ready to be pasted into ActiveCampaign.

On ActiveCampaign, go to My Settings > Developer > Manage Webhooks > Add

  • Select the list for the webhook to be applied to, or leave as All Lists

  • Enter the webhook URL displayed on the mailing list on Ochre

  • Select checkboxes for all events you want to trigger the webhook

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