Changes to postage rates

July 2020 Royal Mail rates updates

Written by Jim Sanders
Updated over a week ago

There are some imminent changes to postage rates, these will apply from 1st July and include some rate increases and decreases:

- Increases for USA
- A temporary Covid surcharge applied to USA, CA, BR, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Japan. This is itemised separately.
- Decreases for UK of around 3%
- Some significant decreases for EU and ROW that vary by country

Apologies for the short timescale, we have been given a very short notice period and have been working hard to get updated pricing from Royal Mail over the last few days.

Retail postage prices will be updated in Ochre today. Full rates for updating other e-commerce platforms can be found here:

Please note these rates will apply to all currently unshipped orders.

We have alternative rates "Zone Sort Priority" which can be used to get lower rates for lighter packages. If you are using Whiplash you can select "Whiplash Cheapest Rate" to take advantage of these. If you are selling on Ochre then this will be selected automatically.

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