To allow customers to view your product on other stores and services, you can set up external product formats. These hold the same product format information as other formats, but also a link to a particular service on the product page.

By setting it up as a product format, you will be able to geo-block the link, so that it will only show for some territories. E.g. only link to US retailer for US customers.

The link can display custom text, both on the button call-to-action and the product format description to the left.

How to create an external product

Product > Actions > Create External Product

Enter format details as with a normal product format. The price fields are required, but will not be output on the store. If you are creating a digital external product (for streaming services) you will see fewer fields here.

After submitting the format details, you will be asked to create a link for the product

  1. Select a service from the list if the one you want is listed, otherwise this can be left blank.

  2. Customise link text or leave blank to use the default for the selected service.

  3. Enter a link URL (or item ID if you have selected a service that allows this)

You can enter manually enter a URL for any of the listed services, but you can also auto-generate URLs by selecting one of the following services and entering the item ID on that service:

  • Apple Music

  • Google Play

  • Spotify

  • Vimeo

  • YouTube

The link will be stored on the product format.

Physical and digital products will be displayed on the store under the main formats, with text based on selected format, retail service and custom link text.

Please note

At present, it is not possible to reorder the links for a given format; they will be listed in the order created.


You can also add link without setting up format. This will not be able to be geo-restricted and will not hold any product metadata. To do this go to

Product > Actions > Add Link

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