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Retail statement processing and statuses

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Statement Notes

Statements are made available in the Ochre app up to 14 days after the month-end. These include all sales that have been shipped to customers (or made available in the case of digital) in the previous month.

A single order can be reported over several statements depending on when the items within it ship.

Retail Statement Line Statuses

New / Pre-order

New and Pre-Order are both statuses for sales. When reported sales with Pre-Order status are directly equivalent, but Pre-Order status we placed prior to release date.


Customers purchase items with specific shipping options. A single order can therefore contain multiple postage lines.

A single shipment can contain multiple items. Postage cannot, therefore, be directly attributed to a single item in a multi-item shipment.


A credited item is provided to the customer free of charge. This can be in a number of scenarios:

  • Voucher redemption

  • Automatic credit of an item to a customer order (e.g. digital with physical)

  • Manual order creation in Ochre

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellations and refunds appear as separate lines in the statement. The refund holds the value returned to the customer, the cancelation holds the negative deduction of the unit quantity.

Both can happen independently.


Bundles are listed as a line per item. These appear with Status: Bundled

The retail price of the bundles is by default split proportionally between the bundle items so each receives an equal discounting. An alternative allocation of value can be set per bundle item if required.


Chargebacks occur when the payment provided reverses a payment at the request of the customer's bank. We dispute these with the bank, but in some cases, this is a fraudulent transaction and must be considered a loss.


The permission to view account statements needs to be granted by a member of the Ochre operations team, please contact us to do this.

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