No action is required at this point, but we provide below a summary of the expected changes.

Taxes and VAT

  • Ochre is responsible for sales taxes and will automatically update your store to charge the correct rates.

  • We have engaged tax specialists to ensure that we can be reactive to changes that occur.

  • Your stores VAT calculations will update automatically from 1st January.

  • There may be import VAT charged to the customer in cases where VAT is not charged on the sale.

Duties and Tariffs

The UK-EU trade deal means tariffs will not be imposed on goods travelling between the EU and UK.

Import VAT

Import VAT may be charged on some packages entering the EU. This will be charged by the shipping company directly to the customers and may mean additional administrative fees for the customer. If, how and when these charges will be levied is something we are seeking further advice on.

We are awaiting information from our shipping partners on what DDP and DTP services are available to allow the sender to cover these costs for the recipient.

Note that changes to EU VAT rules will make the management of EU vat significantly simpler from July 2021 and remove these issues for the majority of packages.

Shipping Using Ochre Warehouses

  • Increased shipping times and costs are expected in January.

  • Ochre will automatically adjust for increases in shipping times or changes in costs.

  • Shipping margins on pre-sales taken before changes can be negatively affected by increases in price.

  • We will adjust our dispatch times for pre-orders to adapt to changes in shipping times. Ensuring that goods are with Ochre well in advance of release date will assist with shipping for pre-orders for release date.

  • There are expected to be new shipping options to assist with VAT and Customs clearances. We do not have information on these yet. However, we have done the necessary work to integrate customs information with carriers to take advantage of them.

Shipping Using Partner Warehouses

If you are using your own warehousing arrangements then ensure that Ochre is kept up to date with information about:

  • Changes in shipping rates

  • Changes in shipping times

  • New carrier services and options.

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