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Adding content to a page
Adding content to a page

How to add content to a page module and update module settings

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Start with your home page or by creating a new page.

  1. Click Add Module

  2. Select module type

  3. Define module content

  4. Module layout and text settings

Define module content

Content From Tag

This will populate the module with tagged items

  1. Search for an existing tag

  2. Select maximum number of items to pull from the tag. This should be the same number or a multiple of the number of columns you select for the module layout.

More Settings:

You can hide the first one or more items from the tag. This is useful if you want to reuse the same tag for several modules and you don't want to show repeated content.

Content Added Manually

If you haven't already tagged content, you can add items directly to the module.

  1. Add Item

  2. Search for existing items: Products, Product Formats, Tracks, Artists and Labels.
    For Image and Banner modules, you can upload new images instead of searching for existing ones.
    For Video modules, you can reference videos on video streaming services.

  3. Repeat for each item you want listed


You can set module layout, text and links.

  1. Select a layout.
    For grid-type modules this will be shown as a number of columns.

  2. Set a heading and body text, if required. The heading will appear above the body in a larger font size with the heading styles defined on the Site Design Settings.

  3. Some modules allow setting a link which will allow you to link customers through to another site page.


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