Collecting tax
How to set up VAT and sales tax to collect in the different countries you sell in
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If you are using your own payment gateways you will need to store tax IDs for the countries you are selling to.

For stores using the Ochre payment gateway, the tax IDs have been set up already. In this case, you do not need to do anything further.

Adding a VAT ID

For the UK and each country in the EU you can enter a VAT ID to collect taxes for that country.

Account Settings > VAT

  1. Click 'Add VAT'

  2. Select country

  3. Enter VAT ID

Adding a sales tax ID

For the US you can enter a sales tax ID to collect sales taxes, you will also need to select which states (regions) within the country you want to collect taxes for.

Account Settings > Sales Tax

  1. Click 'Add Sales Tax ID and Regions'

  2. Enter sales tax ID

  3. Select regions

Inactivating or deleting a tax ID

To temporarily stop collecting taxes for a country, you can inactivate a specific ID.

On the listed ID, click: Actions > Inactivate

You can Activate it again when you are ready to collect taxes again.

You can delete a tax ID from the same menu.

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