Add a logo to your store for it to appear on the left hand side of the store header, left of the navigation.

Add a favicon to your store so that it appears in the URL field of the web browser and on shortcut icons.

Adding a logo

Site Settings > Logos > Upload Logo

Click Upload Logo to browse from files on your computer.

The logo size will be constrained by header height in the design settings. By default it appears at 40px high. We recommend uploading at 80px to account for high resolution displays.

Note: We recommend that you upload a logo file that doesn't have margins around the actual logo. This will result in the image appearing smaller on the storefront.

Adding a favicon

Site Settings > Logos > Upload Favicon

Click Upload Favicon to browse from files on your computer.

The image should be a .png and 32px square.

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Making the logo bigger (Javascript)

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