The Smart Responses feature helps your bot become “smarter” by allowing you to write responses to common messages your bot doesn’t understand. Learn about Smart Responses through the video or walkthrough below: 

At the top of the Smart Responses feature, you will see a list of the most common messages that your followers sent to your bot that your bot did not understand.

In order to make your bot more responsive and smarter, create responses to these messages by clicking on the message and adding a response like this:

If you haven't set up any Smart Responses yet, you will see a list of the most common messages that customers send to a store on Facebook Messenger. You can create bot responses for any of these common questions by entering a response!

How do I customize and publish these trained replies?

If you wish to add a reply to those common questions simply click on the "Enter response" field and add your answer and click the Save button for each group of questions.

*Note that pre-populated default questions are at the moment only available on bots that are connected to Shopify

How will this work for my customers?

If someone types in one of these phrases or similar ones the bot will reply with the trained response:

Can I set how often Smart Responses will reply?

Each response you add includes an option to set how often a reply will be sent to a customer. Replies to both recognized and unrecognized messages can be customized with a time limit of 1 hour to one week, or the time limit can be turned off entirely. 

The time limit applies per-customer, so it won't limit the bot from responding to two different customers at once.

How do I enable/disable these automated replies?

In the "Messages your bot understands" section you will see an option to "Enable AI." If you wish to enable/disable this feature simply click on the toggle button. If you disable AI then the bot will only respond to exact matches for your variations, it will not try to use AI to detect if someone is saying something similar. If AI is enabled, the bot will reply to similar messages. We suggest keeping AI enabled. 

Can I add some other questions I think my customers will ask?

Definitely, for each of these you can add as much variants as you wish and you can also add some other Trained responses you think would be useful for your customers and bot visitors. Learn more about trained responses.

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