Learn about our Questions feature and how you can ask for customer data to improve targeting and marketing across channels. You can follow the video or written walkthrough below.

In this section we will: 

  • Learn about Questions

  • Create an email question

  • Add an email question to the main menu

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What are Questions?

Questions are ways of asking the customer to submit their data (like location or emails) which you can then use to export as a CSV or use to better target messages.

You can use Questions to ask for:

  • Emails

  • Phone Numbers

  • Images

  • Reply/Text answers

  • Answers to multiple choice questions

Examples of using Questions: 

  • Asking customers whether they like product A or B better with multiple choice answers

  • Gathering emails for your email list

  • Receiving images of customers using your product

Create an Email Question

Let’s create an email question that will allow you to collect customer emails. Navigate to Questions under Facebook Messenger → Campaigns in the left side menu. Here you can see the existing questions and create new ones.

Click on the New button to create a new question. Title the question for internal use something that you’ll recognize easily. You can link questions within other places in the bot, so if you title it something you know you can link it easily. Here, I’ll name it ‘Email Question’.

Next, you can set-up the Intro Message that will send before the bot asks the question. Under Questions select the type of field you’re collecting. For our Email Question, I’ll select Email field. 

Now you can customize the message that will send to ask the question, and the success message that will send after the customer answers the question with their email. You can also select to allow customers to answer only once or answer multiple times. When you’re ready you can preview and create the question.

Questions in Main Menu

You have the option to add the question to your Main Menu. Email Questions are a great addition to your Main Menu so customers can submit their email straight from the Menu.

You can customize your Main Menu item and select Add to Menu when ready.

Here’s an example of an email question launched from the Main Menu.

Now that you've created an Email question, you can collect customer emails to help grow your email list! 🚀

Have any questions? Send an email to human@octaneai.com or use the support icon to chat with our team.

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