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Pic-Time integration
Pic-Time integration
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Connect your Pic-Time account to Octoa to sync projects and invoices when selling something inside your Pic-Time gallery.

Learn more about the integration and how it works.

Connect your account to Pic-Time

How to connect your Octoa account to Pic-Time.

1. Go to:

2. Click on "Connect your Pic-Time account".

3. Log in to your Pic-Time account and approve access:

4. Your Pic-Time should be connected.

Projects sync to Pic-Time

Whenever a Project goes to a booked phase, it will automatically be created inside your Pic-Time account.

Invoices sync from Pic-Time

When a client buys something inside your Pic-Time shop. An invoice will be generated inside your Octoa account, under the correct project with the information from the Pic-Time.

Important note: The sync will not happen immediately, but 3 times per day.

Disconnect Pic-Time

When you no longer want your account to be connected. You can easily disconnect by clicking the Disconnect button.

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