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Multi-day events
Multi-day events
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Some events last longer than a day, in this case it's great to make use of Multi day events. You are able to select a range of days through selecting the start and end date of a project.

Creating a multi-day event

When creating a new project, you can select the option to create a new Multi-day event.

Select a Start and End date for the project:

What it looks like

And the project is now a multi-day project, which is visible in the:

  1. Projects overview

  2. Project details

  3. Calendar

Inside email templates

When using the @projectDate tag inside emails, it will automatically take a single date or a range of dates. The same as being displayed inside your project Overview.

Lead Form multi-day

It's also possible to allow the client to have the option to input a multi-day event.

  1. Go to your Lead forms:

  2. Add a date field to your form

  3. Check Multi-day option

  4. Save your Lead Form

  5. And embed it on your website

This is what it will look like (with basic styling)

Whenever the client fills in the a date range, it will automatically be a multi-day event inside Octoa

Workflows and multi-day events

Workflows currently always trigger on the first day of the event.

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