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What is an Octoly credit and how does it work?
What is an Octoly credit and how does it work?
Written by Francesca G
Updated over a week ago

Everyone on Octoly starts with credits that you can exchange for products. 

1 credit equals 1 product. 

How does it work? 

The first time you join Octoly you will receive 1 credit after verifying your email address and 1 additional credit after ordering and submitting your first review and completing your personal profile. 

As an Octoly influencer, by connecting your Instagram, TikTok or YouTube channel to your Octoly account you will get access to 3 extra credits on the Free Store (= total of 5 credits).

Each time you order a product, a credit is taken away from your account. Once you submit your review, your credit is refunded back into your account. Yes, that’s truly how simple it is! 

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