To create an event on Octoly Maps click on the “plus” sign in the upper right corner.

Select the type of event you want to create:

  • Collabs
  • Meeting
  • Experiences (concert, sport, etc.)
  • +1 ticket for an event
  • Workshops

Add in all other event info: the event name, the location, the date, and the time it starts.

Write a description to generate buzz. (Stumped on what to write? Here are a few pointers…)

  • Repeat the location (any other important info) just to make sure viewers have all the deets
  • Include examples, ideas, suggestions of what’s going to go on at the event (paint the scene!)
  • Include any specificities you think are important (i.e. YouTubers, Fashion Influencers, Makeup Experts, Photogs, etc.)
  • Include the number of spots available and how you will select attendees
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