On Octoly, you order goes through a long and exciting journey!

Let me explain you why!

First, when you find the product you can’t wait to try, you order it. The status of your request is “Ordered”. The brand receives a message, to let them know that you really really really want to try this amazing product. 

The brand has two options: accept or deny your request. 

If they decline your request order status changes from "Ordered" to "Refused". We give you back your credit to let you order something even better! 

If they accept your request status changes from "Ordered" to "Accepted". The brand or the Octoly team will process your order and ship it to you. At this point, your order status will change from "Accepted" to "Processing" (because we are preparing your package) and then to "Shipped" (meaning goodies arriving very soon!). 

Once you have received your order, we are notified and your order is considered as "Received". From the moment you receive the product, you have 21 days for Instagram and TikTok and 28 days on YouTube, to try the product and create an honest and authentic review and post it on Octoly

Once you post your review on Octoly, your order will be considered as "Reviewed" and your credit will be given back for you to order something new! Super simple.. Happy shopping! 

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