How do I order a product?
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Order products of your choice in your Free Store and, try them out for free! A huge selection of beauty, fashion and lifestyle products, are at your disposal in your Free Store including some cult favorites from brands and not to mention tons of exclusive offers! In just a few clicks, you can order your favorite products for your next review!

The credits in your account allow you to order products from your Free Store. Each new order takes up one credit. But, don’t worry! You’ll get it back as soon as you post your review!

The homepage of your Free Store presents several different sections of products that might interest you: the latest arrivals, the most popular, and new hot brands available on the store!

The Free Store tab allows you to see all the beauty, fashion and lifestyle products available on Octoly. Are you looking for a specific brand? Filter through the brand of your choice!

Looking for a skincare product? Eye makeup? Or even organic products? Search our product selection by the category of your choice!

Once you have found the product you want on your Free Store, order it before it’s gone!

Your request is sent directly to the brand. They will then examine your channel and accept or deny according to their needs for the campaign. If your request is accepted, the product will be sent to you immediately.

Individual product pages:

On the product page, you’ll find the product description and reviews left by other creators. Select the product option that suits your needs, and the social media channel with which you would like to review the product, so that you can place your order.

If you have multiple social accounts:

Be careful if you have several social media accounts linked to Octoly! You have to create a review with the social media channel you’ve chosen while ordering the product.  

Here is how you can pick which platform you would like to review the product on. Once you hit order pick from the drop down menu which platform you would like to use

Free products await, start shopping!

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