Here are our recommendations to respect Octoly’s transparency rules and be FTC compliant on Youtube:

  • In the “About” section of your video description: copy-paste the sentence “I received this product complimentary from [Brand]” or the sentence “[Brand] gifted me”

  • If you have been gifted several products you can use the sentence "These products have been gifted to me/complimentary from brand x, brand y and brand z."  

  • Repeat the same sentence within your video. It should be:

  • Said at beginning of the video

  • Should be repeated throughout video (if your video is too long enough then consumers might not have start at beginning)

On Octoly, we make sure to remind you those disclosure rules in our campaign pages and emails. You can easily find them in your Orders page for each order:

  • If you click on “Order details”, you can copy the required mentions/hashtags by the brand as well as the Octoly transparency terms. Then, you can paste them in your Instagram Story. That way, you’re sure to never make any mistake.

  • If you click on “Publish your review”, we remind you about the transparency rules as well.

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