If your post is detected as non-compliant, you cannot publish your review on Octoly. To be able to publish your review on Octoly, you need to adhere to the following guidelines:

Instagram post: 

  • Edit the caption and include the recommended disclosure terms (#complimentaryfrom[Brand] or #[Brand]giftedme)

  • Alternatively you can also use a sentence with the terms "complimentary from" or the “gifted me"

  • Make sure the disclosure term is within the first three lines of your caption, above the “more” button

  • If you have been gifted several products you can use the sentence "These products have been gifted to me/complimentary from brand x, brand y and brand z."

Youtube video: 

  • Edit the “About” section of your video description and include the following sentence “I received this product complimentary from [Brand]” or the sentence “[Brand] gifted me”

  • Repeat the same sentence at the beginning of your video, and don’t forget to repeat it several time if it’s a long video. 

Instagram story: 

Delete the stories and do them again including the recommended disclosure terms (#complimentaryfrom[Brand] or #[Brand]giftedme)

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