Octoly Golden Rules
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We are all about empowering influencers (that's you!) to take their content to the next level, so to make sure you continue to slay, we've got a few Golden Rules to help you elevate your game:

Rule 1: You now have 21 days to submit your Instagram reviews and 28 days to submit your YouTube reviews. If you fail to meet this deadline, your credit will be expired. Please note that your Octoly account will be disabled after you have 3 or more expired credits. In the event of an emergency, please reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you.
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Rule 2: Your review must be live for at least 30 days after publishing. If you delete your review within this period of time, your review will be flagged and deleted by Octoly. You will have to publish a new review within 5 days, otherwise your order will be expired.
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Rule 3: Your social account must remain Public in order to be eligible for Octoly.
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Rule 4: Products sent to you by brands are strictly reserved for your personal use only. You may not sell them or use them for an unauthorized giveaway. You must not give them to a third party until you have tested them and published your honest and authentic review on your Instagram account and/or your YouTube channel.
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Rule 5: The product or its effect has to clearly appear in the review. The product and brand name have to be mentioned, written or clearly visible when shown in the review.

Rule 6: If the product is not used in the review, you will have to give a real opinion on the product, whether you liked/disliked it and why.

Rule 7: The product and the brand name have to be mentioned in the description, with the link provided by the brand. Please also mention the hashtag requested by the brand in the description.

Rule 8: No more than 5 different products received through the Octoly platform can be reviewed within the same YouTube video, no more than 3 Octoly products within the same Instagram post, and no more than 1 Octoly product within an Instagram Story post. Only 1 product per TikTok post will be allowed.

Rule 9: For Instagram Stories, your review must include the exact link as provided in the campaign details and we recommend that you highlight the “Swipe Up” link

Rule 10: Your reviews must be FTC compliant. If you are unsure about what exactly that entails please review our FTC compliancy articles.

If you would like a more in-depth look at what makes a qualitative Octoly review please refer to this article.

If you are having any issues please do not hesitate to reach out to us at hello@octoly.com, we're always happy to help!

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