✅ Step 1: Create my own brand store

To complete your brand's store, start by filling in the name of your brand. Afterwards, add a short description to explain your brand's main message and mission.
Then, add a logo and banner that's in line with our recommended pixel threshold (750x550 for the logo and 1500x440 for the banner). The banner size is the same dimension as your Twitter page, so don't hesitate to use the same banner for this. Finally, fill in the social media section with your brand's official social media page links.

This provides our influencers with the relevant information about your brand and will be useful for influencers to make accurate reviews on your products.

✅ Step 2: Create my first product

To create a new product, click on the "Campaigns" tab and select "Manage products".
You'll then click on "Add product" and fill in all the product fields. 

Please remember to save your work at the end. Once the product is created, it will appear within your product list and you will need to allocate stock against it.

✅ Step 3: Manage product inventory

Stock inventory can be managed in different ways: 

  1. When you create a new product, the stock window will pop up, asking you to fill in the desired number of units for the product.

2. When you want to refill an existing product, you have to click on "Manage product" where you'll find all the created products. When clicking the "+" button, you can add the quantity of units you want to ship either to the influencers directly or to the Octoly warehouse, you can refill a specific product (picture).

For more details on this, please read the article "How do I refill product stock?"

3. When the product and the related campaign are created, you can go on the campaign page and update product quantity.

For more details on Octoly's shipping process, please click here.

Finally, the tab "Manage product" gives an overview of the stock against each product.

For more details on the different status, please read the following articles: 

✅ Step 4: Create a campaign

There are three ways of creating a campaign on Octoly. The first option is our recommended approach: 

  1. Start by creating a product (step 1), save it and go to your campaign dashboard to create a new campaign and link the product to this campaign. 

2. From the product list, click on the shortcut button to link a campaign directly from the product. In this case, some fields of the campaign will already be pre filled with the product information previously entered. 

3. Go to "Manage campaign" tab and click on the "Create campaign" button. At the second step "Product featured", you can click on "Create one here" and fill a new product form which will be associated to your campaign. Then finish the creation of your campaign so that it's ready to be launched.

⚠️Remember that a campaign can't be published if you haven't linked a product to it. If a product isn't linked, your campaign can be saved as a draft and you can complete it later.


 Define my campaign influencer audience

In the 3rd step of creating a campaign, you will be able to choose your target audience. You can filter your influencer target audience based on an influencers age, gender, location, and their interactions (predicted views and likes).
You also have a targeting reference via the audience size slider. In this side bar you see three areas: 

  • red area: your target audience is too specific, meaning the number of creators targeted is less than 10 times the number of products allocated to the campaign 
  • green area: your target audience is ideal, meaning the number of creators targeted is between 10 and 30 times the number of products allocated to the campaign 
  • yellow area: your target audience is too broad, meaning the number of creators targeted is greater than 30 times the number of products allocated to the campaign

To save time, you can copy the configuration of the audience you targeted in a previous campaign. For more information on this, please read the article, "What does "Copy configuration from" mean?"

Additionally, you can add other groups of influencers that you targeted in previous campaigns by clicking on "Add" in the specific group. You can also create and add a custom list by clicking on "Create a new custom list". For more information on this, please refer to the article "How to create a custom list".

For specific information about this feature, please watch the following video.



For more details on the main campaign fields and why it's important to fill them, please check the following articles: 

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