Stock inventory can be managed in different ways: 

1) When you create a new product, the stock window will pop up, asking you to fill in the desired number of units for the product.

2) When you want to refill an existing product, you have to click on "Manage product" where you'll find all the created products. When clicking the "+" button, you can add the quantity of units you want to ship either to the influencers directly or to the Octoly warehouse, you can refill a specific product (Cf. picture). 

For more details on this, please read the article "How do I refill product stock?"

3) When the product and the related campaign are created, you can go on the campaign page and update product quantity.  

For more details on Octoly's shipping process, please click here.

Finally, the tab "Manage product" gives an overview of the stock against each product. 

For more details on the different status, please read the following articles: 

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