A personalized promo code is different for each accepted influencer. There are two steps to managing a personalized promo code campaign:

Setting up your personalized promo code campaign

Please make sure to tick the box "Configure personalized promo codes" (see picture) when you're creating your campaign. Then, you can publish your campaign as usual.

Sending personalized promo code (2 options)

Once your campaign is live and you receive new orders, go to "Requests" and click on the "Add promo codes" button (see picture).

Then, you'll export the requests which you want to associate a personalized promo code against. In this .csv file, you have to add a different code for each accepted influencer.

Finally, you have to import the .csv file back on the platform (see picture) so that an automatic message can be sent to each approved influencer. Influencers will receive this personalized promo code via email.

If you prefer to send personalized promo codes to each influencer manually, instead of doing it in one batch, go to the "Ready to ship" step.

From there, you'll see a small symbol "$" on the order(s) related to the personalized promo code campaign(s). This symbol is orange when the personalized promo code hasn't been sent to the influencer. 

To send it manually, click on the orange symbol and a pop up window will allow you to enter the code. Once you save it, the code will be sent to the influencer and the symbol will become green.

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