Once your campaign is published, you'll want to check and manage influencer requests daily. To do this, please go to the "Requests" tab.

You can accept an influencer's request by clicking on the green checkmark or decline it by clicking on the red X.

Before making this decision, you can reference the influencer's profile on the right sidebar.
You can check and analyze many aspects of the influencer activity within Octoly and on social media (age, potential likes or views on average, social network links, brand acceptance rate on average etc.).

From the influencer profile you can also send a message or respond to an influencer. You can also block the influencer if you think she/he really doesn't comply with your brand image.
This will help with your visible acceptance rate (as the influencer will be blocked from applying to future campaigns and you won't have to decline them).

For more information on this feature, please read the article "What happens if I block an influencer?" 

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