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The report tab is here to help you analyze your campaigns' performance via multiple data that we monitor and compute for you. Below is a list of the main data points we track. If you'd like more details on each indicator, don't hesitate to go through the data available in the "Reports" tab.

Number of interactions ♥️
The total number of likes on Instagram and the total number of views on Youtube.

Engagement rate 📈
Instagram = (likes + comments) / number of followers
YouTube = (comments + likes + shares) / number of views

Earned media value (EMV) 💰
The earned media value represents what you would have spent in direct owned advertising to obtain the same results. It is based on a benchmark and calculated as follows:

Instagram = number of likes x 0,3€ (for the US stores, it's $0.30 per like)
YouTube = number of views x 0,06€ (for the US stores, it's $.06 per view)

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