Octoly helps you receive free products including clothing, makeup, skin care, perfume, vitamins and more from brands you love in exchange for your honest opinion. 

Here is what you can do on Octoly: 

  • Get access to hot new products before anyone else

  • Receive only the products you want from the brands you love 

  • Browse and order products ‘on the go’ with the Octoly app

  • Share your honest opinion with other shoppers 

Octoly makes trying products to review oh-so-easy. 

Introducing Octoly 

  • Homepage: browse our selection of the latests products to review, examples of influencer campaigns,...

  • Products tab: access all of the current products to review as a Consumer. You can filter per product category.

  • Orders tab: once your order request has been approved, you'll find all of your product orders in the same place, you can track the shipping and you'll be able to write your review from here when you'll receive your product!

  • Account tab: it allows you to fill your shipping details, set up your preferences, etc. 

  • Personal Profile: allows us to better know you (your hair and skin types, your beauty issues, etc.) in order to recommend only products that fit you and that you'd love!

  • Influencers criteria: explains the required criteria to link your social medias if you are an influencer.  You'll have access to Exclusive Influencers campaigns and events partnering with more than 300 brands to create content on your social.

(Octoly App is currently only available on iOS)

Learn more 

> How Octoly works
> The Octoly Golden Rules
> What is an Octoly credit and how does it work?
> How to Post a review on Octoly

Are you an influencer? 

If so click here to know more about Octoly's Influencer Community

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