We are all about empowering our community, so we've got a few Golden Rules to help you navigate Octoly in the best way possible:

FTC compliance articles.

Rule 1: 

You have 14 days to submit your text reviews. If you fail to meet this deadline, your credit will expire. Please note that your Octoly account will be disabled automatically when you have expired all of your credits. In the event of an emergency, please reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you.

Rule 2: 

Products sent to you by brands are strictly reserved for your personal use only. You may not sell them or use them for an unauthorized giveaway. You may not give them to a third party (including friends) until you have tested them and published your review.

Rule 3: 

You must clearly state that you received the product as a gift from the brand in exchange for your opinion. You can do this by saying it was gifted by, given to you free, or complimentary from the brand within the body of your review.

Rule 4: 

You must give your real and honest opinion of the product, just like you would tell a friend. Share if you liked or disliked it and why! Please remember, negative reviews do not impact your ability to participate in future campaigns in any way! You are protected and empowered by Octoly to be honest so please leave your authentic thoughts and feelings about the product you tried. 

Rule 5: 

Your reviews must be FTC compliant. If you are unsure about what exactly that entails, please review our FTC compliance articles.

Rule 6:

Remember the review must be submitted on the brand's website or retailer's website, make sure you follow the link in the featured in the campaign.

Rule 7:

You must take a screenshot of the review from the retailer's website.

Rule 8:

Reviews must be in English with full sentences and without grammatical errors.

Rule 9:

Reviews should contain a minimum of 200 characters.

Rule 10:

Emojis are not accepted.

Rule 11:

Any reviews that copied or plagiarized will be flagged and will result in immediate termination of your account.

Rule 12:

Reviews that are left on Sephora and a brand's website must be unique (at least one word should be changed). Do not copy and paste a review from brand.com to Sephora.

***If upon investigation by Octoly moderators your reviews are found to not align with these rules, your review will be deleted from the Octoly platform. 

*If you have 2 expired credits your account will be disabled from Octoly. 

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