On your Android device, please visit Octoly.com using your browser of choice to access the Web version of the platform and follow the instructions below to leave your review:

Step 1: 

Under “My Orders” once your order is marked as “Received”, you can select “Publish your review”.

A window will appear that allows you to type your review into a text box. 

Draft your HONEST review into the Octoly text box (be sure to follow the Golden Rules!) and click on "Check my review” to know if it follows the FTC rules. 

You will be shown:
Either a green thumbs up or a red thumbs down.

Step 2:

If you get a green thumbs up, copy the review and click to "Go to product page".

That will take you to a specific website to paste your product review. When you paste your review onto the product page, make sure to take a screenshot before submitting it so you can upload it on Octoly. Don’t worry if your whole review doesn’t fit into the screenshot! If you don’t how to screenshot on your desktop, you will find instructions here.

Step 3:

Click on the "+" and upload the screenshot you just took.

Step 4:

Share the star rating and the email address you used to leave the review, tell us if you would recommend this product and submit!

And voila!

Once this last step has been validated, your review will be linked to the product you ordered and your credit becomes available! You can then order another product of your choice.

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