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How do I post a TikTok review on Octoly?
How do I post a TikTok review on Octoly?
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With Octoly, order the products of your choice on your Free Store directly and try them out! Once you have tested the product, you must post your review on your Octoly account at which point we will be notified, and the brand will be able to see your work! Not to mention, once you’ve posted your review on Octoly, you recover your credit that allows you to order a new product all over again. So, what are you waiting for? Get posting!

Step 1: Go to the "Orders" page to view your current orders

Step 2: Click the “Publish your review” button for the relevant product

Step 3: Select your Tiktok and click "Confirm"

Once this last step has been validated, your review will be linked to the product you ordered and your credit becomes available!

Please remember you can post a maximum of 5 Octoly products in Youtube videos, 3 Octoly products for Instagram reviews, and 1 Octoly product for TikTok reviews.

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