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How to connect my Instagram account to Octoly ?
How does Octoly work?
What are the requirements to join?
How to sign up?
How do I connect my Instagram Account to Octoly?
How do I connect my TikTok Account to Octoly?
How do I connect my YouTube account to Octoly?
What is an Octoly credit and how does it work?
How to create your Octoly account using Instagram
How to connect your Octoly account with your YouTube channel
Can I add more than one social media to my Octoly account?
How do I know if my account has been accepted? How long does it take?
Why was my account not accepted by Octoly?
How do I change my personal data?
How do I change my email address?
How do I change my password? What do I do if I forgot my password?
Which social media accounts can I currently use to sign up to Octoly?
How can I grow my social following?
Which countries is Octoly currently shipping to?
What is Octoly?
How to use Octoly
How do I post an Instagram Reels or IGTV review on Octoly?
Can I submit an Instagram review if my post has hidden likes and/or comments?
How do I post a TikTok review on Octoly?
Global Content Licensing
Octoly Golden Rules
How do I order a product?
How do I make my Instagram account public?
What’s my product path from my order till my review?
What is a review?
How do I post a YouTube review on Octoly?
How to include the time stamps on my YouTube review?
How do I post an Instagram review on Octoly?
How do I post my Instagram Story review?
How many products can I include in 1 review?
How long does my review need to be live?
How long until I have to submit my review?
What’s an Expired order?
What will happen if 2 of my reviews are reported and deleted for the same order?
How to be professional with brands?
Why has my review been reported by the brand? What should I do now?
How do I report an issue with a brand?
Top 5 best practices on Octoly
Quality is your best business plan!
I don’t see the same products as my friend
Brand has not responded to my request for a long time! What to do?
The brands never accept my requests
Add an additional review?
How can I directly contact the brand?
What should I do if I don’t like a product?
Why has my Octoly account been disabled?
Can I sell and/or giveaway my Octoly products?
I want to keep my Instagram account as Private, can I do this?
What is the FTC?
Should I disclose that I received a product for free?
How to properly disclose?
If a brand gave me a product for free and I have no obligation to give a positive opinion on the product (like on Octoly), do I still have to disclose?
What happens if I don’t disclose I got products for free from a brand?
How to properly disclose for Instagram posts?
How to properly disclose for Instagram stories?
How to properly disclose for Youtube videos?
What is Octoly’s compliance monitoring tool?
The compliance monitoring tool says my asset is not compliant with Octoly transparency rules. What should I do?
I have inserted the recommended disclosure terms but my review is still blocked. Why?
I cannot edit stories. What should I do?
What happens if I don’t edit/redo my video/post/story?
The brand has asked me not to use Octoly disclosure terms. What should I do?