You are browsing a tutorial guide for the latest Octoparse version. If you are running an older version of Octoparse, we strongly recommend you upgrade because it is faster, easier and more robust! Download and upgrade here if you haven't already done so!

Backing up local data to the cloud server is a special function Octoparse offers to our Professional or higher plan users. This allows you to back up any data you've extracted after running a task on your local device directly to the Cloud, without a fuss, so you would be able to access the data on a different device or via API integration i.e. a zap setup in your Zapier account.

Octoparse Version 8.5 even adds Auto Backup to Cloud for you! Read this article to see:

Note: Auto Backup to Cloud option can only be seen when your local task is running.

Backup to Cloud manually

1. Run the target task on your device


2. Go to the Dashboard

  • After the run is completed or stopped, go to the Dashboard, find the target task then click on All Data (local device)

  • Click on Cloud Backup in the bottom right corner

  • Wait for the process to finish, then click Complete


Now go to the Dashboard and your data has already been backed up to the cloud!


Auto Backup to Cloud

After choosing to run your task on your device, there will be an extraction window to show the process of extracting data.

  • Click History

  • Tick Auto Backup to Cloud


Your data will be backed up to Cloud Automatically when your task is completed, or the task is stopped.

Tip: You can check the "Backup" column to see if the data has been backed up to the Cloud. If you have run the task multiple times, you can also choose the one you want to backup, or click Backup All to Cloud.

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