Many product web pages use image carousels (like the one below) to display multiple images as slides which you can usually flip through manually. In this tutorial, I will show you how to extract the images of a carousel into your desired format.


1. Scape one image into one column


2. Scrape images into different lines


3. Scrape all images into one column


You may need this link to follow though:

1. Scape one image into one column

Simply select one of the images, and select "Extract the URL of the selected image" on the Tips Panel. Repeat the same process to fetch all the other image URLs.


2. Scrape images into different lines

It is also possible to scrape images to different lines of the same column using a loop extract action.

1) Select the first image

2) Go on to select the second image and choose "Extract image URLs".


3. Scrape all images into one column

There are two ways to achieve scraping all images into one column.

Option 1. Merge the extracted image URLs into one line

Once you've loop extracted the image URLs into different lines (following steps in Scrape images to different lines), you can then merge the extracted data to merge the lines into one single line.

1) Click the "More" icon for the data field, then select "Merge multiple rows of data into one"


Option 2. Scrape the HTML code of the carousel and match out the image URLs from the code

1) Select the entire carousel and select "Extract the outer HTML of the selected element"


2) Click the "More" icon for the field and select "Clean data".


3) Click "Add Step" and choose "Matching with Regular Expression"


4) Inspect the code to find the starting value and ending value of the image URL.


5) Click "Try the ReEx tool"


6) Enter Start with and End with value to generate a RegEx and apply the setting.


7) Tick "Match all" and confirm


Tip: The image URLs scraped are thumbnail URLs. If you need to get the full image URLs, you can continue to add steps to reformat the field. Please check this tutorial:

How to scrape the full image URLs instead of thumbnails?

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