Why do some list items get left out?

Octoparse detects items belonging to a list via their coding pattern in the underlying HTML source code.

When building a list, we usually start with selecting any 2 items from the list to define a coding pattern for Octoparse to refer to. In this case, if some list items are not included as we expect, then most probably they have a coding pattern different from the defined one.

How do I tell Octoparse that I need those items as well?

To have the omitted items included, we can continue to select the items on the page to see if Octoparse can recognize the ones left. Once it fails to do that, we can create a loop with the selected items first, then modify the workflow to include all items. In Octoparse, this refers to modifying or rewriting the XPath expression auto-generated in its previous detection.

Tip: If you are new to XPath, you might need to grab some basics of HTML and XPath first. Here are some tutorials for your reference:

Where to input the new XPath expression?

  • Select the Action Settings of the loop item from the workflow, click General and you will see Loop mode below.


If Fixed List is selected, switch to Variable List.


If the Variable List is selected, continue with the next step.

  • Input the modified XPath expression into the textbox then click Apply to save

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