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Sometimes we need to scrape the image URL from a website, but all we get is just the URL of a thumbnail picture instead of a normal size picture.

Here is a picture scraped from Amazon. As you can see, the image is too small to see.


To get the normal-size images, all we need to do is to modify the image URL that we already have, following the steps below:

  • Observe the difference between the full image URL and thumbnail URL

In most cases, the URLs of different sizes only have a slight difference. We need to find out the difference and use the Octoparse Clean Data function to reformat the thumbnail URL into a full URL.

For example, the thumbnail on amazon is like this,50_.jpg

The full image URL is

You can see the thumbnail has 'SR38,50' in its URL. We just need to delete it from the URL.

  • Click on More(...) button and click Clean data

  • Add a step as Replace

  • Type in SR38,50 into the Replace box and click Evaluate to check

You will find the result is the URL you need, then click "Confirm" to save

  • Click Apply to save the setting


Then you can get the full image URL you need.

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