If you remember, we have built & released our Inbox App in the Intercom App Store (that “little small box on the right sidebar” that gives you extra functionality) which exposes useful information about the Octopod's User & Conversation based on the channel they are coming from (Instagram, Telegram, Viber, etc)

On top of that, we have added the ability to send one-to-one proactive messages from within the Intercom Inbox, which makes sending messages even easier & more personal.

What does proactive messaging mean?

Proactive messaging is a way to send a single, direct SMS or WhatsApp message from within the Intercom Inbox to any of your Users who have a phone number.

Some examples of proactive messages are notifications, reminders, reservation confirmation, help, marketing, scheduling appointments, etc.

How does it work?

Our proactive messaging feature is used entirely within the Intercom Inbox, once you installed our Inbox App, you will be able to use it to send proactive messages from the Intercom Inbox.

You need to connect at least one of our supported SMS channels or WhatsApp channel. You can choose from any of your connected SMS or WhatsApp channels, and use it to send a direct message to your Users who have a phone number.

Let me show you how it looks like!

How do I activate this feature?

  • You need to subscribe to any of our "Omnichannel" or "WhatsApp" plans
  • You can then subscribe to our Proactive Messaging add-on.
  • You need to connect at least one of our supported SMS channels or WhatsApp channel.

After doing that, you will immediately see the feature enabled in your Intercom Inbox for Users who have a phone number.

Does it create a new Conversation when I send a proactive message?

No, it will not create a new "conversation" in Intercom unless your User actually sends you a reply back. We did it this way so that we don't create unnecessary noise for you in your Inbox.

Can I view my previously sent proactive messages?

Yes, you can. In our Inbox App, there is an option to "View sent messages" which will show you the last 3 sent messages with their details.

Here is how it looks like:

And this is how each message details can look like:

Can I send a WhatsApp message to any of my Users?

Yes, you can. As long as your User has a valid phone number, and your User actually has WhatsApp registered with their phone number, then you can send them a direct WhatsApp message.

Is there a limit of the number of messages that I can send?

Both our Omnichannel and WhatsApp plans have a limit of 5,000 messages per month, so this is basically the limit for both inbound messages, and proactive messages combined. Read more here about our pricing and plans.

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