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Choosing the right sleeve
Choosing the right sleeve

Differences and explanations of what kinds of sleeves are available for you to use

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The sleeve is the transparent part that is attached to the Handy, that you put your penis inside during use.

Every Handy comes with a basic sleeve. You can find more information about the included sleeve on our store page:

When looking to get a new sleeve, there are 2 factors you should be aware of:

  1. Is it open ended or not

  2. How stimulating the sleeve is

Open ended and close ended sleeves

Close ended sleeves

The included sleeve is close ended, meaning that there's only one entrance for the sleeve, ensuring that the fluids will stay inside the sleeve. This is ideal if you want to reduce any potential mess during and after use.

Open ended sleeve

With open ended sleeves on the other hand, they tend to be shorter with 2 entrances. This way the fluids won't stay inside the sleeve. While our close ended sleeves are designed to accommodate larger sizes as well, open ended sleeves are ideal for those who won't fit in our close ended sleeves.


We also offer the Chrysm sleeve that is close ended, but includes a hole for air to escape. With this sleeve, fluids may leak out at the top after usage.


The amount of stimulation the sleeve provides will depend on the texture inside the sleeve. The more prominent the texture is, the more stimulating the sleeve will be.

A sleeve that offers less stimulation, such as the Lotus sleeve, is recommended if you find the sensations to be too intense during orgasm.

If you're looking for for sleeve that offers greater stimulation, you can get the Gen 2 sleeve.

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