Create and integrate a Web Form that converts anywhere across the web


  1. Click on the button "ADD" then click on "New Source"
  2. Choose the Web Forms builder in the integration list

Step 2:

Select a template to start with. You can see the preview, by going to preview mode.
Enter the web forms builder and start personalizing your forms

  • Change text, size, shape
  • Add and remove fields
  • Add some exceptions and required fields
  • Customize the thank you messageĀ 
  • Follow the steps to complete your form

Step 3:

When your form is ready click on the publish button, on the right bar. Then can copy the code, by clicking on the embed button, then integrate it anywhere you want on the web ( your own landing page for example)

Step 4:
Enable the lead alert to notify you and your colleagues that you've got a new lead

Step 5:
Enable the welcome email and personalize your email or choose from one of our templates

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