Set up your lead alert in order to receive an email notification as soon as a new lead subscribes. By doing so, you will reduce your time processing a lead and dramatically increase your engagement.

1. Accessibility

  • You can access your lead alert directly on the lead sources interface
  • You can also configure your lead alert when you connect a new source

2. Configuration

  1. Enable or disable the lead alert
  2. Choose the email subject
    You should choose a subject that is clear & understandable. That way your teammates can take the appropriate action as soon as they receive a notification
  3. The email of the person that will receive the notifications (Either your email, or one of your agents)
  4. The name that will appear on the emails you or your agents receive
  5. Personalize your message, appropriating it to your business

Get Instant notifications & never miss another sales opportunity again

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