What can I do in the lead card?

To access the lead card, simply click on the lead name directly or by going to your leads page and clicking on the "view" button on your right hand side.

You will be able to see all the activities and history you've had with that lead on the right hand side of the card. You will also be able to change their statuses (pending, qualified, unqualified etc...) as you see fit, sending them either to your CRM or to your ESP for nurturing.
You can easily launch a call, through our 3rd part integrations, Twillio or Infobip directly from the leads card.
You'll also have a lead scoring section that will show how that lead is performing, based on their email/phone validation, and any other custom score.

  • Lead Details - Here you'll see all the details you have on that specific leads (note that you can manually add a custom field in the bottom). You can also modify the information of any lead.
  • Send Emails - Here you can edit and send emails directly to that lead without having to leave the lead card. Chose from our email templates or create your own email templates, personalizing your message.
  • Lead Enrichment - The third tab is the place where you can scrap information on that specific lead, that way your approach is much more effective. You can do that by connecting either to Clearbit or Fullcontact, two of our 3rd party integrations.
  • Send an SMS - The fourth tab is where you will be able to send an sms directly to your lead, personalizing your message.

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