Zoho is a platform of solutions to help you solve your business problems. This is a suite of tools with high technologies. Step up your lead management process by connecting Ohmylead with your Zoho account. 

Connect your Zoho account

Step 1. Click on CRM on the left menu

Step 2. Click connect on the Zoho card

Step 3. Enter your Zoho account credential and authorise Ohmylead to have access on this account (manage leads...)
For your information, your leads and every details in your Zoho account will stay private. We can't manage or modificate your workflow

Automate your workflow between Ohmylead & Zoho  

Step 4. Click on "settings" and then "sync leads"

Step 5. Choose for which lead status you will send automatically your leads and choose in front the stage where this lead will go

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